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High Accuracy Fluid Viscosity Measuring Device - MIIS-V3 by InkSpec

Ink Viscosity Control

Experience revolutionary printing with the MIIS-V3 viscometer. Detect ink viscosity through vibration, ensuring precision and optimal productivity. Achieve superior quality prints with InkSpec’s automated control.

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Dynamic Heat Exchanger - Inkspec

Ink Temperature Control

Solve printing challenges with InkSpec. Say goodbye to uneven ink, color inconsistencies, long drying times, and foaming. Boost productivity and print quality.

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INKSPEC - Magnetic ink filter

Magnetic Ink Filter

Achieve superior print quality with InkSpec’s magnetic ink filter. Say goodbye to print defects and boost productivity without compromising quality. Invest in printing excellence.

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Some operators work for their presses. We like to make the presses work for them.

Unlock unparalleled printing excellence with InkSpec’s comprehensive solutions. Eliminate print defects using the magnetic ink filter, achieve optimal ink temperature and viscosity control with the temperature control system, and experience revolutionary precision with the MIIS-V3 viscosity control. Boost productivity, maintain superior print quality, and pave the way for unmatched printing excellence. With InkSpec as your reliable ally, embrace the future of the printing industry and revolutionize your printing experience.

INKSPEC viscosity control system

INKSPEC viscosity control flexography
InkSpec Viscosity Control

In the flexography industry, ensuring viscosity quality is crucial for achieving exceptional print results. Precise control over ink viscosity guarantees consistent ink transfer, optimal color reproduction, and sharp image definition.