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The very high efficiency of the INKSPEC heat exchanger tubing allows for a very fast response with a minimum amount of energy.

Dynamic Heat Exchanger - Inkspec

Our solution

Experiencing printing challenges due to temperature-sensitive flexographic ink? We’ve got you covered. With the InkSpec temperature control system, you can say goodbye to uneven ink coverage, color inconsistencies, long drying times, and foaming issues related to ink temperature. Embedded within the InkSpec Viscosity control system, our solution offers a unique ‘Cube’ heat exchanger per print station, ensuring a seamless ink flow. The Cubes are packed with internal temperature insulation and high-efficiency thermal transfer tubing, promising unparalleled accuracy in maintaining your ink temperature and optimizing viscosity. What’s more, with reduced maintenance downtime, you can boost your productivity and profitability while consistently producing superior print quality. Choose the InkSpec temperature control system and let’s turn those printing challenges into your brand’s competitive advantage.

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InkSpec Viscosity Control

With advanced viscosity measurement and control systems, such as those offered by Inkspec, flexographic printers can maintain the desired viscosity levels throughout the printing process