Magnetic Ink Filter

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Our unique Magnetic Ink Filter increases printing efficiency while protecting anilox rolls and printing plates.

INKSPEC - Magnetic ink filter

InkSpec magnetic ink filter

In the high-precision world of flexographic printing, you know the value of clean, debris-free ink. That’s where a transformative solution comes into play – the patented, industry-standard InkSpec magnetic ink filter. Expertly designed to trap and eliminate ink debris and metallic particles, this state-of-the-art tool helps you say goodbye to print defects such as streaking and smudging, and hello to superior print quality. Furthermore, its user-friendly design ensures an optimized workflow, boosting your productivity without compromising quality. By investing in this proven solution, you’re prioritizing the integrity of your prints, paving the way for unmatched printing excellence. Experience the difference it makes to have a truly reliable ally in your printing journey.

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InkSpec Viscosity Control

This not only enhances print quality but also minimizes issues like dot gain, ink splattering, and uneven coverage.