Ink Viscosity Control

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Providing absolute ink viscosity control to maintain print consistency and quality

High Accuracy Fluid Viscosity Measuring Device - MIIS-V3 by InkSpec

InkSpec MIIS-V3

Introducing the MIIS-V3, a groundbreaking innovation in reliability and precision. Imagine a musical instrument that listens attentively to the sound of inks, effortlessly discerning their viscosity. The MIIS-V3 accomplishes this feat by generating a vibration akin to a tuning fork immersed in the ink circuit. Its measuring rod reacts to viscosity changes, modulating the vibration’s amplitude—thicker ink dampens the vibration. With its powerful electronic brain, this device analyzes these variations in real-time, transmitting precise viscosity values to the InkSpec control station. But that’s just the beginning. Prepare to be captivated as the MIIS-V3 revolutionizes the printing industry, delivering unparalleled precision, optimal productivity, and superior quality prints. With exceptional components and a patented internal suspension named ‘AWS’ (Acoustic Wave Suspension), the InkSpec MIIS-V3 stands out with unrivaled reliability, impervious to external vibrations.

Designed for continuous 24/7 use, it becomes your indispensable tool, increasing profitability. Achieve perfect balance, color control, and print image quality with InkSpec’s automated ink viscosity control. Experience freedom from color variation challenges, high ink consumption, stagnation, pumping difficulties, ink drying issues, and more. The MIIS-V3, alongside the InkSpec Touch Screen control station, relieves operators of this task, maintaining ink like never before, allowing them to focus on improving productivity. Embrace the future with the InkSpec MIIS-V3 and revolutionize your printing experience.

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InkSpec Viscosity Control

Trusting in Inkspec’s expertise and innovative solutions enables flexography professionals to deliver superior print outcomes with unmatched consistency and efficiency.